Pre-Planning Funeral Arrangements

Most of us prepare for what is possible, but seldom for the inevitable. Today, more and more people are arranging their funerals in advance of death. Pre-arranged and/or pre-funded funeral, cremation and cemetery arrangements considerably ease a family’s burden when death occurs. It can also play an integral part in financial planning.

There are many reasons to pre-arrange a funeral:

  • To make sure an individual’s wishes are represented after their death.
  • To protect family members and loved ones from having to make difficult decisions during an emotional time.
  • To simplify the financial responsibilities associated with paying funeral expenses and protect against increased costs (pre-funded funerals).

What’s involved with pre-arranging a funeral?

Pre-planning funeral arrangements is a responsible, caring act that can lessen stress for your grieving loved ones. Our pre-planning experts will meet with you at our funeral home, or at your own home if that’s more convenient.

When pre-arranging a funeral, individuals consider many facets:

  • Traditional burial or cremation services
  • What type of visitation (viewing, wake or reception)
  • Where will services be held (funeral home, place of worship, cemetery)
  • Religious/spiritual ceremony vs. secular gathering
  • Specific music to be used
  • Specific scripture/spiritual readings to be used
  • Flowers preference; donation requests in lieu of flowers; memorial contributions
  • Any unique and specific desires of the individual or family to personalize a service

When you pre-plan with Metcalfe-Shaver-Kopcza Funeral Home, Inc, you’ll meet with our knowledgeable and friendly staff for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll listen carefully to your wishes and offer our expertise and suggestions to help you create a customized plan that fits your needs and budget.

Pre-Financing Funeral Expenses

Pre-financing your funeral is an option available to you as you start pre-planning the funeral arrangements. It may offer peace of mind knowing that you will be relieving the financial burden from a family member at a later time. Also, if you choose to pre-pay your funeral, you lock in funeral costs at today’s prices. Financial benefits of pre-planning and pre-paying can be quite significant.

At Metcalfe-Shaver-Kopcza Funeral Home, we take time to explain in detail the various inflation proof pre-payment plans we offer and can also customize a plan that will fit your personal budget.

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